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Tuesday, October 19

Clutter Roundup: Update

At the end of last month I set a goal to declutter my home. Specifically, I will remove 30 of my possessions in October. I wanted to post my first progress report:

Yesterday I sold 10 groups of things to one of my tenants. I earned $132 by selling, among other things, a 13" LCD TV, large suitcase, painting (which, by the way, a previous tenant had left behind), and various office and kitchen supplies. I am surprised I was able to earn so much from old possessions I do not need. This motivates me even more to comb through my stuff for unnecessary belongings.


  1. Isn't it great when people pay you for stuff you wanted to get rid of anyway? I just love that concept :)

  2. Absolutely, particularly since I would have been happy to have donated them instead. I wish all these unwanted things wouldn't creep into my life in the first place, but at least they've retained some value on their way out.