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Thursday, December 9

December Goals

It's looking more and more like this business I've been alluding to will come to fruition. Of course, any time you are in the process of transition, it's harder to set measurable goals around life.

December Goals:
  • earn $1,000 from mystery shopping (last month I earned $1,582)
  • keep credit card/car loan debt under $40,000
  • make measurable progress towards starting a business
I cut way back on mystery shopping in December. I don't see many opportunities, and with the holidays there probably won't be as many. Besides, I need to focus on launching my new business. I expect my debt levels to increase this month. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to put away the $9,000 I need to pay my property taxes and will probably have to pay them with a credit card. My goal is to keep it from increasing too much. Finally, while I can't exactly quantify what will get done, I do know I have to keep chugging along with the new business. Ideally that will include signing a lease and funding a bank account with our investor's funds.

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