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Tuesday, December 7

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

November 28th - December 4th...

Once again I made very little from mystery shopping. I'm a little surprised since the first of any month usually offers several opportunities. I just didn't find much that got me excited - maybe I'm becoming a more discerning mystery shopper???

Last week I earned $90 in fees and $117 in reimbursements.

The reason I earned more in reimbursements than in fees is because several of the gas stations I did were reimbursement-only. The $10 in gas and $3 for coffee and a pastry was attractive enough that I accepted the job without a fee. For the week I shopped 10 gas stations, an office supply store and one restaurant.

Things are slow right now, but it's the perfect time for me since I am busy with some other projects. Fortunately all my rental properties are rented as my attention is now on the new business I am opening. Big announcement about that very soon, I promise.

As far as shopping goes, yesterday I traveled to another town to shop a testing center where I had to fail the GMAT. I also have 5 gas stations to do this week and a few simple merchandising jobs.