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Current Goal: Automate Savings and Mortgage Paydown

1) Extra $1,100/mo. to mortgage
2) $1,000/mo. to short-term savings
3) $400/mo. to investing

Previous Goal: Eliminate Mortgage on Rental Property
Interest Rate is 5.125%!

January 1, 2019: $59,592
August 11, 2020: PAID!

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Monday, December 20

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

December 12th - December 18th...

I spent most of my time at the restaurant last week, which left limited time for mystery shopping. I was able to squeeze in a little work. Last week I earned $130 in fees and $10 in reimbursements.

I limited my work to a special $60 project that required me to buy several gift cards and send them in - no worries as the work is for a reputable company. In addition I shopped one fast food restaurant, 3 gas stations and a payday loan store.

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