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Friday, December 3

My Frugal Miser - November Income: $6,605

November was a decent month. Rental income was lower than normal because of some vacancies. One of the tenants I lost didn't pay the rent she owed for November. I received several mystery shopping payments from work done in earlier months, so my income was higher than it will be next month.

November Income
$2,558 Mystery Shopping*
$2,438 Rental Income
$1,610 Other Sources
$6,605 Total Income for November
*note that mystery shopping income will always vary from the monthly summary amounts I post. Here I report actual payments received (cash basis accounting) whereas in my monthly mystery shopping update I report the amount I earned for that month.


  • I offset Shopping income with Shopping expenses.
  • One of my tenants paid their November rent in October.
  • The category "Other Sources" includes non-recurring (or semi-recurring) income since I always seem to have a little something that doesn't fall into the other buckets.


  1. Is December usually a slow month for mystery shopping? I don't see nearly as many shops available this month.

  2. Last December wasn't too bad and I was working full-time so I probably didn't do as much as I could have. Like you I've noticed how dreadfully slow this December has started off to be. I imagine they will start doling out bonuses early on what little there is because of Christmas so maybe the week of the 13th will pick up.