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Thursday, December 30

Update on Opening the Restaurant

We're making good progress on getting the restaurant open. It's a fairly large space with seating for over 200 in 3 separate dining areas. The last tenant skipped out on the landlord so there's quite a bit of cleaning to do. Before we can get our business license the Health Department has to give us the okay to open. Before they will let us open we have to have hot water. Before the gas can be turned on to heat the water and power the cooking equipment we have to get approval from the city inspector. There were a few small leaks in the gas line that have to be repaired first.

Every day we make quantifiable progress. Yesterday, for example, we approved our corporate logo and ordered our outdoor signage. Today we hope to have the gas lines repaired and to get the okay from the city to turn on the gas.

We are trying to open on January 17th.


  1. There's probably a restaurant equivalent to "Break a Leg" - so whatever it is, I say that for you and your business!

  2. Good luck! Did I miss it or maybe I forgot what's your restaurant's name?

  3. Thanks to both of you! The name of the restaurant is Scratch, as in made-from-scratch. Most everything will be made in our kitchen and we will stay away from mixes and cans as much as possible.

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