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Tuesday, June 12

Attack of Murphy's Law

One day I'll know how to fix things.  Until then, if something can go wrong, I'll definitely figure out how wrong it can go.  Yesterday I intended to install the microwave but have to return to try again.  The trouble started when I was loading everything into my vehicle.  I laid the filter screens that go under the microwave along with the screws that hold the microwave in place on top of my car and completely forgot about them until I was almost at the tenant's home, 45 miles away.  I figured I could just re-use those parts from the existing microwave, but of course the screens were a different size and when I retraced my steps I could not find them.  On top of that the screws go into the top of the microwave in a different place and I didn't bring a drill for the new holes that were needed.

While I was there the tenant pointed out a leak behind the toilet I just replaced.  I'm not familiar with PEX plumbing so when I replaced the toilet I just rehooked the existing PEX supply line.  Looks like I need to go to Home Depot and get educated on how to connect PEX to a shut off valve and then to a standard toilet supply line.

Fortunately my entire day wasn't wasted.  I had my annual check-up and, besides being scolded for being too heavy, found out I'm in good health overall.  My blood pressure has never been high but it happened to be even lower than it was one year ago.  I haven't gotten the results of my blood work but I'm assuming everything will be fine.

I also did two mystery shops and had a minor issue on my car looked at.  It was so minor that the dealership didn't charge me for the repair.

Today I'm hoping for a slower day.  My to-do list has gotten long enough that it's stressing me out and I really want to knock out a couple of pesky things I keep putting off, so maybe I'll muster up the motivation to do some of these tasks.

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