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Thursday, June 21

Deadbeat Tenant: Chapter 2

Over the last few months I've been the inadvertent recipient of an email exchange between a landlord and his deadbeat tenant.

Cast of Characters
Kandi... as deadbeat tenant
Jan... as cc'ed co-landlord
Ricky... as God-fearing landlord

Yesterday we learned that Kandi is four months behind on her rent.  Kandi promised to get caught up as soon as she receives her tax refund, but for some odd reason her refund has been delayed.  Today we meet Ricky, Landlord #2.

From: Ricky
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 3:30 PM
To: Kandi; Jan
Subject: Fwd: Rent
I hope this email finds you doing well.
After reading the email that you sent to Jan earlier in the week (Monday April 16th, 2012), we felt like you are sincere in your desire to get current on your rent obligation, which would prevent us from having to proceed with taking action to get you out of the townhouse in order to rent to someone more responsible. But, once again you failed to follow through. You said that you would contact Jan later in the day on Monday, yet here it is Friday afternoon and still no word from you regarding plans to make a payment. In 10 days, you will be 5 months in arrears, just one month shy of half of a year!
It's my understanding that you told Jan you would catch up on the back rent when you get your income tax return, but outside of your income tax, you apparently don't have the means to pay rent, otherwise, you would have been paying something over the last 4 1/2 months.
Kandi, unless we receive some satisfactory payment from you IMMEDIATELY, we have no other options than to take legal action to recover the past rent AND have you removed from the townhouse. While we would love to work with you because Jan and I both have experienced very difficult times, to be seemingly ignored and taken for granted through a lack of communication is evidence of a lack of concern on your part.
We will expect to hear from you immediately, otherwise, our next communication will be through our attorney.

Ricky hits the ground running.  With the threat of legal action, something will happen soon.  Either Kandi pays up or Kandi moves out.  Let's see if Kandi can't soften him up a little.  She needs to take the weekend to consider her reply.

To: Ricky
Cc: Jan
Sent: Mon, Apr 23, 2012 9:53 am
Subject: RE: Rent
Good morning Mr. H.  I am just reading your email.  First of all I want to apologize for the lack of communication, I totally understand your feelings.  I had called Jan’s phone and left several messages last week or what I thought was her phone.  I had it as 403-xxxx, I have a different phone from when I first had her number programmed in and had lost my numbers.  Anyway I went back and looked at her email this morning and realized I had been calling the wrong number.  It went to voicemail everytime and someone got messages they didn’t  understand.  I have been out of my office a lot lately also and that is where I receive all my emails as well as send them.   I definitely am not trying to take Jan or your kindness and patience for granted.  I have had a lot of things happen the last few months that has made it very financially difficult.  I am starting a second job that will help and help me stay caught up. I am and have been waiting on my taxes for the last week and that will get me caught up with you and then it’s like I said, I will find something else willingly without you having to seek legal help.  I never meant for it to be this way and I hate that now you probably think of me as a bad person.  I will be happy to meet with you or whatever you want me to do.  I will definitely pay $700 on Friday for regular payment and hopefully I will have the other this week also.  If you can please give me this week, if my taxes do not come I will try to work something out with my employer to get the money and then give it back to them when they come.  Again I never meant for it to be this way.
Im sorry,
Kandi Hill

Oh, no.  Kandi's been dialing the wrong number.  How could that be?  Jan listed her number earlier in the exchange.  I guess the "1" looked like a "0".  Fortunately, Innocent Kandi started a second job.  Even better, she's going to pay her rent on Friday.  

In tomorrow's episode we should be able to wrap things up, right?  Stay tuned to find out.

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