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Thursday, June 7

Diamonds are Forever, But Why?

Earlier this week I logged onto my Hilton Honors account and discovered two nice surprises.  First, a mysterious bonus has been added to my last two stays.  Listed as the Q3 Team Member Production Test Bonus, I have no clue what it actually is for.  The amount is a mystery, too.  On my first stay, the bonus equaled the "base points" I earned.  On the second stay is was twice the base points earned.

The second, more delightful surprise, was that I was upgraded to Hilton Honors Diamond Status, the highest tier in the program.  According to their website, Diamond status is awarded after 28 stays, 60 nights or 100,000 base points are earned in a calendar year.  While I've stayed in more Hilton properties this year, I haven't met those thresholds.

I'm thrilled to have received these "gifts", but I wish I knew the logic behind all this.  Then I could plan my travels to maximize the benefits of this program.

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