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Monday, June 18


The last few days have been mostly routine.  Yesterday I shopped four gas stations and did a theater check. The check involved visiting three screens of my choosing and recording the ads that played before the trailers (in a show called First Look).  I also had to take photos of some posters and popcorn bags.  On Saturday I shopped four gas stations, did a 5 store special credit card assignment and took photos of a parking lot that is going to be paved.  I did go to a concert Saturday night; my first in years.  We went to see Daughtry.  It was decent.

Today is yet another day of shops, but I don't have a ton to do.  I have 5 gas station audits and a fast food restaurant for lunch.  All I have lined up tomorrow is a fast food lunch, and the rest of the week is similarly bleak.  For some reason I'm not finding as many attractive shopping opportunities as I did in the past.  Many of the jobs I used to do are now offered with a much lower fee, one that I'm unwilling to accept.

I'll save my soap box on how mystery shopping is becoming commoditized for another day.

Outside of shopping, I found out I'm going to have to replace the air conditioner at the rental property.  That's a $4,000 expense I wasn't planning.  Big ouch.  I'll also be looking at planning my July trip to Florida.


  1. I got $207 deposited in my paypal account. Thanks to you. I wish I had more time for mystery shops, but I am getting some in like dinner tonight at a mexican joint. Not finding any gas shops in the Phoenix area, but I'll keep looking. Where did you find your mystery shop companies? I've found most of mine from MSPA.

    1. Doesn't it feel great when you get the email that tells you funds are in your Paypal account?!? Makes it easier to get motivated. What company are you getting most of your work from?

      I use to find most of the companies I am with. For gas stations, Maritz is your best source. They tend to go fast though so it is best to keep an eye on their site regularly.