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Saturday, June 2

Update #2 from Orlando

Today is the first day of the conference we are working.  It is also the shortest:  1 PM - 5 PM.

Thursday afternoon I met with a real estate agent and finally began the process of finding a property.  I'm not quite sure what to expect because back home I usually don't use an agent unless one is required for paperwork purposes, in which case a relative helps me out.  The agent gave me the address of a home in Belleair and then emailed six other properties for review.  Belleair is a nice community - Hulk Hogan used to live there (that's your trivia for the day!).  The home I am looking at is modest but the surrounding streets are filled with beautifully landscaped estates on or near the water.  More than likely my agent will accompany me on a house hunting tour when I return next week.  The house in Belleair was ugly, but that's what I want.  I want a house that the average Joe is scared of because it means I'll get it cheaper.  This one is particularly scary because it needs a new roof... as evidenced by the pool of water in one of the interior rooms.

Today we will check out of a hotel I am shopping.  Since I have until 1 PM before our conference work begins I plan to knock out a few gas station audits.  This evening we have reservations for a restaurant I am shopping. The reimbursement for the restaurant is $120 which looks generous enough to be able to enjoy the meal without fear of going over the allowable amount.

It has been a frugal trip thus far.  As expected I have been able to add mystery shops to fill in gaps.  Besides going slightly over the allowed reimbursement on two of the alcohol compliance shops, my out of pocket expenses have been virtually zero.


  1. sounds like you have a full day. Most of my clients do drive bys on the homes I send them and then they request to see the homes that most interest them. The agent should give you a Comparative Market Analysis for any home you are interested in buying. That way you know if it's priced right. Of course, in a rising market, you can expect them to be above the average price, even if they are fixer uppers.

    1. Pat,
      Thanks for the tips. My only worry is whether there is going to be another wave of foreclosures and thus a better buying opportunity. I've read some compelling opinions about what's going to happen. Banks held off on most foreclosures during the robo-signing scandal and they are supposed to be letting loose new inventory. I'm no expert; just considering all the possibilities.