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Friday, June 8

Update #3 From Orlando

This trip is nearly over and I can't believe how fast it's gone by.  Tomorrow we will be driving home.  Originally we were planning to fly, but I am returning to the area in one month for a time share mystery shop and was planning to drive then.  So, I'm renting a car for a month and will return it at that time and fly home from that trip.

It's been a fruitful trip:  I've earned $748.50 in fees, over $2,000 in reimbursements, and enough loyalty bonuses for a handful of free nights.  It's also been fun, even though much of the trip has been about working.

On Wednesday my agent showed me four houses.  There's one that I am considering and may put in an offer.  I like it's location but think it is a bit overpriced.  My gut tells me to just do it - as a buy and hold investor I can be forgiven for spending $5,000 too much (assuming I am overpaying, but who's to say real estate doesn't recover and I see some appreciation on top of rental income?).

This afternoon I check into my last hotel, which is also the last mystery shop of the trip.  That is, unless I find something on the way home.  Otherwise, I'll arrive home late Saturday evening.


  1. Are you looking at single family homes or multi-family properties?

    1. Single family homes. I'll probably look at multi-family in the future but with credit markets shut down I don't have the cash to do an apartment complex.