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Monday, June 11

Back Home

We made it home around midnight Sunday morning.  After we checked out of the hotel Sunday we rented a car and did one last restaurant shop for lunch.  I got lucky at the car rental place with a free upgrade.  For the next month, at $9.55 per day, I'm driving a Fiat 500.  It's a sweet car and handles remarkably.  I can almost do a complete U-Turn without leaving the lane I am in - imagine that!

We made it in later than expected because there was heavy rain most of the drive home.  I slept until 6:30 AM Sunday (late for this early bird) and spent yesterday getting caught up around the house.  The post office isn't struggling because of me, at least judging by the volume of mail I had to process.  When that was done I removed the over the range microwave so that I can use it in one of my rental properties.  This will be the last time I provide a microwave for one of my tenants.  It is only three years old and has to be replaced.  Fortunately I'm not coming out of pocket since I'm giving them my microwave.  In its place I plan to install a simple hood vent and to purchase a portable microwave I can take with me when I move.

Today I am installing the microwave.  The house is 45 miles away so it will take a good bit of the day to do it.  I also have my annual physical and a couple of mystery shops lined up.  Finally, I plan to pay property insurance today.  That bill hurts since I am paying on 9 different properties.  On the upside, the points I will earn from charging this to my credit card will earn me a $50 gift card.

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  1. At 9.55 a day, that's amazing. You can't get a bike rental around here for that.