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Monday, August 12

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Week 2 Kick Off

I'm leaving Sam's Town in Tunica this morning.  It was a fun weekend and I was doing well until late last night.  I had too much to drink and lost at Blackjack.  Funny, Boyd upgraded me back to Sapphire level, the second of three tiers in their BConnected loyalty program.  I am surprised that just a few days a year gambling is enough to get upgraded. The free room and free food helped numb the pain of losing some money.

This will be my first full week of mystery shopping for this trip.  I plan to complete 22 of the 157 service shops during Week Two.  I have to come out of pocket for my hotel stays.  Choice Hotels is offering a $50 gas card with every two stays, so I am taking advantage of that deal as it ends next week.  This weekend I have two hotel shops lined up.  My week begins in the Memphis, TN area and ends in Dallas.  Then I work my way along the Gulf Coast towards New Orleans.  This means I will be doing some backtracking later on (the route extends to Utah), but I planned it this way.  Doing so gives me the chance to go home for a few days; backtracking lets me pick up any shops that I missed for whatever reason.

A fair amount of my week will be in Arkansas.  I don't know much at all about Arkansas.  I drove through it once or twice during my annual pilgrimage to Omaha, and I think I have stayed overnight in Little Rock during one of those trips.


  1. Are your auto shops in the showroom or service area? If you're getting oil changes, will they notice the new filters? You should ask to keep the old filter, if it's only an hour old and then resell it on craigslist.

    1. Pat, these are all service shops. I have the option of doing oil changes or tire rotations. I stopped doing all oil changes after a couple honest shops told me I didn't need an oil change. That was embarrassing. I don't think they can tell when I had my tires rotated, except that doing it over and over again wears out the wheel studs.

  2. Enjoy your stay in Arkansas, I was born and raised in Hot Springs. If you have any questions about sights or fun stuff let me know.

    1. I wasn't too far from there. I had a shop in Pine Bluff and a couple in the Little Rock area. From there I worked the I-40 corridor on my way to Oklahoma.