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Tuesday, October 8

3Q Update on 2013 Goals

Publicly posting my intentions helps me stay accountable.  I list my goals, past and present, here.  Let's review my plans for 2013:
  • Lose 30 pounds. Start: 230 Current: 233

 My weight was the same when I checked it in June.  I guess one way to look at it is that I have managed to maintain my weight while traveling the country this summer.  Many people gain weight when away from home.

  • Increase net worth $75,000. 

My net worth is up by over $20,000 year to date.  I never anticipated the expenses I would have at my rental properties.  Two long-term vacancies haven't helped, either.

  • Reduce utilities expense 10%.

I am not going to meet this goal and I have decided not to track it for now.  It doesn't move the needle enough to dwell on it.  I do see value in controlling all my expenses, but I haven't even been home, which makes it kind of hard to control things like the thermostat and television.  

  • Reduce debt to $350,000 (or $300,000 if my tenants exercise their lease-purchase option.

When I last updated my goals in June, my total debt was $366,334.  I've reduced it by another $10,000 since then and by over $40,000 since the beginning of the year.  

  • Purchase one piece of real estate. 

After I accepted my latest mystery shopping route I all but stopped looking at houses.

2013 is on track to be a solid year for me on many accounts.  But my pesky weight problem is absolutely what keeps me up at night.  I need to find a better way to stay away from overeating.

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