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Sunday, October 13

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Week Seven Recap

I have completed all but 23 of the 157 shops on this route.

My week began on Sunday when I flew back to Kansas City.  I ended in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon.  Now, had I driven from Point A to Point B, that distance alone is about 1,400 miles.  Alas, my trip included stunning scenic stops in Nebraska, a two day zig-zagging through the nothingness that is Wyoming, and two days in friendly Utah.  There is a point in western Nebraska where civilization ceases to exist until you reach Salt Lake City, or so it seemed.  In fact, I experienced an anxious 50 mile drive with the Low Fuel light on in Nebraska.  That was the first time I realized gas stations are hard to come by in those parts.  I probably did more driving this week than any other week of this trip.

To make matters worse, I barely broke even, thanks to a hefty repair bill.  A general guideline I use regarding auto repairs is that I make a note the first time someone tells me about an issue that needs to be addressed.   I have trust issues when it comes to repair shops, borne out of ignorance about what's under the hood.  I am sure anyone who has been overcharged for a repair or been told they need a repair that they don't can relate to my concerns.  So, the second time I am told about needing the same repair, I will usually get the work done.  Some of the steering components on the S-10 were "loose" and apparently could cause a violent crash were they to fail.  The front shocks also needed to be replaced.  Less the oil change I will be reimbursed for, I spent $685 on vehicle repairs on Saturday.

Week Seven Gross:  $1618
Week Seven Expenses:  $1356
Week Seven Net Income:  $262

I set a goal of having $879 in weekly net income.  Were in not for the repairs I had done on Saturday, I would have made it.

All my expenses are being tracked through four categories:  hotel, food, gas and other.  Last week I spent $48 on food.  Hotel expenses were $348, just under $58 per night.  I spent $274 on gas and $685 on repairs.

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