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Sunday, October 6

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Cold Weather Edition

I've been enjoying my visit home the last two weeks.  We took a 5 night cruise, but this woman named Karen followed out boat around the entire week and both stops - Grand Cayman and Cozumel - were soakers.  On the income side, I completed a number of mystery shops and worked two days as a greeter at the Tampa Convention Center.  On the other side of the ledger, I had some help mitigating my expenses.  On our way to return the rental car before the cruise, our car broke down in the middle of the road.  After describing the harrowing incident to the manager, he discounted my rental by almost half.

Week Seven kicks off Monday in Manhattan.  Kansas.  Where it's cold, relatively speaking.  It is approaching 90 degrees in Tampa today (it hit 94 yesterday), but when I touch down in Kansas City it will be a brisk 50 degrees or so.

I will do a huge amount of driving this week.  Besides Kansas, the S-10 travels through Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.  That's right, I am spending the weekend in Vegas.  My last stop on Saturday is only two hours from Las Vegas, and who can complain about a free room for a couple of nights?

This week is somewhat light on shops, but only because of the distance between each stop.  Originally that was a good thing.  I had plans to visit Mount Rushmore, maybe even Yellowstone.  Our fine government had other plans, as the shutdown means I won't be visiting any National Parks for the time being.

This mega route will conclude at the end of the month.  I have just 42 dealership shops to do, but have added several gas stations to help with my fuel costs.  Things wrap up near the end of October with a recorded timeshare presentation.

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