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Thursday, October 10

Hello Great Salt Lake, Goodbye Wyoming

Generally I find many good things to say about a place, but all I can say about Wyoming is that I'm glad I'm not there anymore.  I'm not made for such a place.  Don't get me wrong - most of the people I encountered were decent people.  They held the door for me at gas stations and didn't honk their horns like they do in Florida.


  • No Cell Coverage.  Not with my provider, anyhow.  In a state where you drive miles without seeing life, it's scary not having a lifeline in case something happens.
  • Empty-tank Anxiety.  If my gas tank dropped below half a tank, I started to sweat.  Seriously.  This place is desolate.  I drove 80 miles without seeing ONE SINGLE GAS STATION.  How is this possible?
  • It's all Blue Collar.  Nothing wrong with that, but as a mystery shopper having my tires rotated in several small towns, I need a good excuse for being there.  I was asked if I was there to hunt three different times.  I guess people from other places only come to Wyoming to shoot animals, look at wind turbines or drill for oil.
  • It's all White.  Just about, anyway.  Diversity is refreshing.  You don't appreciate this until you visit somewhere that lacks it.
  • I Like Tropical.  Wyoming was cold and gray, and the wind blew a lot.  There's only like 3 trees in the entire state.

Needless to say, when I passed the Utah state line this evening, I was overjoyed.  Soon I saw a Super Target, and a mall, and...traffic!  I know that if I break down here, eventually help will arrive.

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