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Monday, October 14

Mystery Shopping Road Trip: Week Eight Kick-Off

One lesson I will share with aspiring full-time mystery shoppers:  learn to grind it out.  When I committed to this route, I had other obligations already.  The friction (and cost) from flying home twice has kept me from really cashing in on this route, plus I'm in my 8th week (longer when you consider home-time) when I probably could have compressed this into 7 weeks if I had really wanted to.  Time is money when you consider the extra hotels and gas.

I am leaving Las Vegas this morning for the 500 mile drive to Farmington, New Mexico.  That means I will only have 4 days of income this week.  Fortunately I will end the week within spitting distance of the finish line.  My weekend will be spent in Abilene, TX, with an easy two days of work remaining next week before I finish the dealer service shops.  Of course, I don't get to head home quite yet.  I am committed to a time share shop in Nashville on the 26th and have some time to kill before then.  But, by Halloween I will be back in sunny Florida.

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