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Thursday, March 26

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 11 (Tuesday, March 24th)

Day 11 (Tuesday, March 24th)

Today we had some structure!  After lowering rates on the Airbnb we received a 2 day booking and the guests checked out this morning.  We left home around 10am and headed there.  The house was in pretty good condition but I did spend extra time disinfecting, wiping down doorknobs, etc.  While we were there, we got a last minute booking that wanted to check in right away.  I approved the request and let the guest know we would be finished cleaning around 1pm.

As we were driving home I started looking for an Amazon route.  I also noticed Doordash had immediate availability so I signed on.  Both efforts were rewarded:  I found a 3 hour route in Sarasota for 4:15pm and I was able to accept a Walmart delivery on Doordash.  The Sarasota route was pretty easy and I finished in an hour and a half.

Once I got home I showered then had a couple of beers while we watched Karate Kid.  I fell asleep during the movie.

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