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Tuesday, March 24

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 9 (Sunday, March 22nd)

Day 9 (Sunday, March 22nd)

A few days ago we got a 2 day Airbnb reservation.  I expected the guest to cancel after the beaches closed, but he did not.  So, we left early to go over there.  The house was already clean, but it is oak pollen season and, with very little to do otherwise, I figure the guests might want to lounge on the patio.  We wiped everything down and I dusted a bit in the house.

We came straight home and I started looking for an Amazon route.  I also looked for and quickly found a Doordash schedule.  It wasn't exactly busy:  in 4 hours I received 4 orders, all for Walmart deliveries.  The pay is low - $6-$7 per order - and I'm not sure how tipping works.  One customer gave me $5 cash but the other orders say a tip can be added later.  We'll see.  I ended up with a 3 hour route in Sarasota on Amazon.  That's it.

After getting home from my route, I looked at the news.  A mistake.  Senator Rand Paul has coronavirus.  I'm usually not a fan of big government but this time is an exception.  We can't have our senators coming down with the virus and delaying these important decisions.  Ugh...

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