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Wednesday, March 25

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 10 (Monday, March 23rd)

Day 10 (Monday, March 23rd)

I woke up around 5am for no particular reason.  Good thing I did because I was able to grab a rare Amazon Fresh route for 7am-9am.  I made 6 deliveries and it was easy.  I tried to get a second route but was unsuccessful.  I turned on Doordash instead and did a couple of Walmart deliveries.

While I was at Walmart I did some shopping.  The store was still out of a lot of things.  The toilet paper/paper towel aisle - yes, it is an entire two sided aisle at this store, was 100% sold out.  There were quite a few other shortages as well, especially canned goods.

This afternoon I got a 4 hour route in Sarasota.  It was a tough one all the way down in Venice.  I put a lot of miles on my car today.  

While driving home I spoke with a couple of my meeting industry friends.  We all agree our industry is on life support.  One company that provides me a significant amount of income laid off 95% of its staff today.  The CEO sent an email out detailing the problems and other cuts they were doing to try to survive.  He said things aren't looking good in the next few months.

Once I got home, I ate a light dinner, checked emails and then watched Schitts Creek.