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Tuesday, March 17

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 3

Day 3

On Sunday I woke up at 3am, sore from the work we did at the Airbnb the day before.  I never went back to sleep, so I jumped online to see what was going on in the world.  Nothing but a bunch of panic.

We needed to leave the house early to head back to the Airbnb.  On the way I noticed a couple cruise ships parked at the Port of Tampa.  I wonder if they're just going to sit there since all the cruise lines have shut down.  I posted a Facebook ad to have a mattress picked up and was meeting a guy at 8am.  He showed up a few minutes early.  Turns out he owns a tree service, so I asked him for a quote on trimming some stuff.  While we were chatting, he mentioned his Home Advisor leads over the weekend fell off a cliff.

We made good use of our morning.  We opened up the new mattress in a box.  It takes 24 hours to expand so we'll be going back on Monday.  I did more deep cleaning inside the house and we cleaned up the yard.  Ran to Lowe's for mulch and concrete leveler.  It wasn't busy, but that probably has more to do with it being early on a Sunday morning.

We worked at the house until noon then came home.  Traffic seemed normal, and Ikea's parking lot looked full.  It sure seems business as usual around here.  My partner prepared lunch:  a tasty treat of pasta with ground chicken.  I had a scheduled Amazon route for 5-8 but tried to get a second, earlier route without success.

I had my last international Airbnb booking for April cancel this morning.  I was expecting it and glad it happened, as it was only for two days and opening up those days will allow someone else to hopefully book a longer stay.  Then, while making Amazon deliveries Sunday evening I received a 7 day cancellation for this coming Saturday.  This is the second time this date was cancelled.  Thinking more positively, April is usually a good month.  As long as domestic travel isn't restricted I think we will be okay.

On Monday I will receive the funds from the house I sold.  I have to decide how to use them.  On Friday I upgraded my Chase account to "Sapphire Banking" because there is a $1,000 bonus if I keep my funds with them for 90 days.  I can keep the funds in a You Invest brokerage account with JP Morgan, which qualifies for the bonus.  On the one hand, stocks are looking more attractive these days.  But, what if the economy keeps getting worse?  So many businesses are shut down that this could snowball into something really ugly.  Still, I probably will put those dollars to work in the market.  I also am trying to pay off the last remaining mortgage on a rental property, so that could get some attention, too.

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