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Monday, March 23

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 9 (Saturday, March 21st)

Day 9 (Saturday, March 21st)

We slept in the guest bedroom again.  Just trying to change things up.  I woke up with indigestion.  I added too much Sriracha sauce to my dinner!

I've started decluttering the house again.  This morning I started in the office.  I also read the Wall Street Journal.  I had a rare 11am Amazon route.  I completed it, went home, and started looking for a second route.  Success:  I got a 4:30pm route in Sarasota.  That was an easy one:  the warehouse overscheduled drivers, so I was only given one package to deliver.

After the Amazon route I decided to try Doordash.  I have had a driver account for a couple years but only delivered a few orders when I first got it.  It was very busy and in less than 4 hours I made $75.  When I got home, my partner talked me into making a Taco Bell run.  We ate that at home while watching Schitts Creek.  We fell asleep soon afterwards, once again in the guest bedroom.

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