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Sunday, March 29

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 14 (Friday, March 27th)

Day 14 (Friday, March 27th)

I woke up just after midnight and had trouble falling back to sleep.  I made the most of it, reading the Wall Street Journal and drinking water.  Finally around 2AM I went back to sleep and I slept until 6AM.  

Every once in a while I do some merchandising work.  Surprisingly, one of my clients had a liquor store project (surprising since most jobs are on hold right now).  I had 12 stores to go to, for $8 each.  Not much, but all I had to do was put stickers on a few bottles of gin.  It was super easy and only took a couple of hours.  

While I was visiting liquor stores my partner was painting doors at the Airbnb.  We're trying to spruce it up while the weather is still nice and while we have some downtime.  While I was out working, I received a 2 night booking for the weekend.  It's such a huge relief to still be getting reservations.  Yes, rates are much lower than normal.  But right now we need cash flow.  It just doesn't feel right having that house sit empty.

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