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Thursday, March 19

Economic Quarantine, a Diary: Day 5

Day 5 (Tuesday, March 17th)

I woke up at 1:45 in the morning.  I thought I had to pee, but I didn't fall back to sleep.  Eventually I jumped online and looked at the news.  Regal and AMC are closing down for several weeks.  Yesterday we saw The Hunt at our local AMC.  Never seen the theater so quiet:  there were only two others in our theater.  Glad we got to see one more before it shut down.

Money will be tight, but I'm better off than a lot of people.  The funds from the house I sold were wired to me yesterday.  I moved a lot of the money into a brokerage account - stocks are starting to get real cheap.  I opened a new account to get the bonus:  $1,000 after 90 days.  

Today we went back to the Airbnb.  We replaced the mattress in the master bedroom and the replacement is one of those fancy mattress-in-a-box ones that need time to expand.  So, we went over there to make the bed, break down some old fence posts, and make a few small repairs.  I needed to replace a couple of damaged tiles in the dining room and address some other minor things.  The Airbnb is looking better than ever.

We ran by Chicken Salad Chick on the way home.  We get a free pint of chicken salad each for the first 12 months it is open because we were one of the first 100 customers when it opened.  The restaurant was also having a buy one get one half price for the Chick Trio so we splurged on lunch - to go!

I had an Amazon route at 4:45.  Earlier in the day Amazon announced its warehouses were only accepting shipments of medicine and household staples.  Will they start having shortages, too?

Got home around 6:30.  Had a hot bath and some fettuccine alfredo, then watched Schitts Creek. 

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