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Friday, October 2

Canceling my Wall Street Journal Subscription (Savings: $129/year)

I subscribe to and have for the past 2 years. At one point a few years back I subscribed to the print edition. I love the Wall Street Journal and think every serious investor should read it. When I was downloading my Visa transactions to Quicken this week, I noticed a $129 charge for the next year of the service.

I guess I was on auto-renew because I did not realize the charge would be levied without my approval. Nevertheless, I am able to cancel for a pro-rated refund.

Justification? $129 is a lot of money at this point in my unemployed life. I can easily buy a month's worth of groceries for that. Besides, I can read the print edition at the library and also access much of the content online for free.

I have several magazines that I also subscribe to. Most, if not all, were free by redeeming airline miles or through other avenues. Since I likely won't be traveling near as much for my next job, I will only renew magazines for which I have enough leftover frequent-flier miles.

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