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Thursday, October 29

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

Even throwing in a quickie vacation, I managed to earn almost $400 last week in mystery shopping fees and about $75 in reimbursed purchases. However, it was a slower week all in all:

I signed up with a company that primarily does merchandising and completed my first two jobs today. It was easy work: I had to make sure DVDs were arranged according to a certain order, which in the industry is referred to a planogram.

This was a pretty busy day as I had a hodgepodge of shops to do. Note to self: it's easier to go with a "theme" for the day (for example, all gas stations, or restaurants, or retailers) if I want to be as efficient as possible. I did everything from fast food to merchandising to gas stations to mall stores to discount and home improvement retailers today.

I only did four shops today, but the pay was almost as much as what I earned Monday running around like a glutton. I visited two banks, did one merchandising job and went to a movie theatre to ensure a movie poster had been installed.

A quiet day. I ate a free breakfast, that was all. My Florida trip would start later in the day so I spent most of my day mapping it out, creating my data entry worksheet and hunting for more jobs.

Busy day on the road, 15 shops total. We'd spent the night in a Best Western in small town in southern Alabama. Left the hotel around 8 AM and arrived at our hotel in Panama City beach about 4:30 PM. All I did was gas stations today. As I mentioned, I've found that having a theme for the day makes things much easier. We broke up the monotony through the day by making random stops at nurseries to look at banana trees and other native plants. All in all I enjoyed the day. This was the week's best day and I earned $200 in fees and $30 in reimbursements.

Today was a fairly easy day as I wanted to enjoy our time in paradise. I added four gas stations to my itinerary that were all within a couple miles of the hotel, then returned to the hotel to enter them before heading back to the beach to enjoy some sun and sand. After lunch we headed home. I completed two gas station shops on the way home.

Nothing. I could have completed four shops that I'd signed up for, but all week I was battling a cold and I really didn't want to go anywhere, so I didn't. This is what's nice about mystery shopping: you have flexibility. Instead of shopping, I cleaned house, caught up on email and watched a couple of movies on the ROKU. I really enjoy cleaning house, it's good therapy, so I had fun not doing anything in particular on Saturday.

Total Income for the Week: $382.15
Total Value of Reimbursements: $67.75

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