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Thursday, October 8

Wash Your Car at Home... in the Rain ($40/month)

We've become a nation that prefers "Do it for me" over "Do it Yourself" that defined our parents' culture. Often we mindlessly hire someone to perform a service we are perfectly capable of doing ourselves. We justify it by thinking "My time is more valuable" or "It's just ten bucks."

I love washing my car because I am rewarded by the results. It is a relatively simple task. The hardest part is cleaning the brake dust from the wheels. Thirty minutes of my time and I have a shiny new car. Hopefully I will have burned a few calories as a side benefit.

Recently I discovered an even easier way to wash my car that also saves me some change: washing in the rain. This morning I pulled the Bimmer out of the garage. While the rain gave it a soaking, I added a cap of soap to my bucket and filled it with water from the rain barrel. I washed the car as usual, except there was no need to rinse it off.

Savings: $40.00 per month
Math: It would cost me $10 per week at the express wash. And, by washing in the rain, I don't negate that savings by running my own water.

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