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Wednesday, October 7

Typical Mystery Shopping Itinerary

I have registered with a number of mystery shopping companies. This helps me to locate several shops in a general area so that I can be more productive and spread my fuel costs across multiple jobs.

Let me share with you my mystery shopping itinerary for Saturday, October 3rd:
  • I logged onto my PC at 8:45 to check email and review my assignments. Left the house a few minutes later and arrived at the first assignment at 9:13 AM.
  • My first assignment was a breakfast shop. I received two meals, so I took one home to eat later after sampling it for freshness.
  • Afterwards I completed an evaluation of a public storage company, two gas stations and a retail chain, where I inquired about a GPS unit.
  • My last shop was finished at 11:29 and I arrived home ten minutes later. In all I drove 26 miles, using about a gallon of gas. I leisurely entered the reports online, scanned my receipts and filed my paperwork for tax purposes.
  • By 12:45 I was completely through with everything. Four hours of work, interspersed with driving time, eating time and casually doing the data entry.
Results of my effort:

Shop Fees: $35.40
Reimbursement: $18.52
Total Shops: 5
Total Mystery Shop Companies Involved: 4
Additional Benefits: no use of home electricity for 3 hours, helps my sanity by getting me out of the house.

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