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Friday, October 23

Update From Panama City Beach, Florida

We arrived in Panama City about 4:30 PM yesterday. We actually left the hotel we stayed in Wednesday evening a little after 7 AM. I shopped 15 gas stations along the way.

We arrived early enough to enjoy some time on the beach. After I finished entering my reports, we ate sushi and then drove to the public beach. I didn't see any signs saying the beach was closed, just the red flag warning of the high tide activity. It was about 9:30 and NO ONE was on the beach, even though it was still near 80 degrees. I kept thinking the police were going to shine their spotlights on us and tell us the beach was closed for the night. Fortunately, no one bothered us for the hour or so we were there.

Being spontaneous, I signed up for 4 gas stations this morning. The pay wasn't much (only about $20 total) but they were so close to the hotel that it only took me an hour or so. I can justify that.

We'll leave the hotel shortly and head back to the beach. It's in the low 80s again and the wind is steady, so perfect weather for rolling the windows down. Of course, a trip to Panama City Beach wouldn't be complete without stopping at a local dive for seafood. I have two gas stations to shop along the way home, but that's all I can find that is worth doing.

I'll post over the weekend a breakdown of how much was spent on this trip along with what I earned from shopping.


  1. Enjoy your vacation! You haven't mention which companies you use for mystery shopping or their web addresses? Are there any fees attached to them?

  2. Marilyn,
    Never pay a fee to sign up for mystery shopping! As part of my contractor's agreement I am not allowed to tell you which company shops which retailers. However, the primary companies I shop for are Corporate Research International, Maritz, Marketforce and Second to None. There are a dozen others that I will do an odd job from time to time, but the four I mentioned all have national clients with ongoing work. Hope this helps!