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Monday, October 19

Misers Cut Heat Bills (Volume 1... Electrical Outlets)

My how winter has a way of rushing in. What happened to fall? This week I wanted to focus on ways to save money on winter energy costs. Each day I will focus on an easy task that can save money by cutting energy costs. My plan is to compare my electric and gas bills year over year (assuming the weather is similar). I have a newer home so I'm not sure how much bang I'll get for my buck. We'll see.

Secure Those Electrical Outlets
Electrical outlets on exterior walls can let cold air in. To keep cold air from entering your home via these outlets, unscrew your switch plates and spray some Great Stuff in the crack. Or you could install foam pads around the back. And, if the plug isn't being used, plug in one of those toddler-proof plugs to block more air.

Tomorrow... more ways to insulate your home.

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