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Friday, October 2

October Thoughts

I found out last night that the position I was supposed to begin this morning will not be filled for a few months. The CEO of the company said it had nothing to do with me - he said I will be the one to fill the position when he opens it back up. He's even invited me to lunch Monday. Alas, October will be a struggle. Fortunately, my severance covers this month, but my pay will only be about half what it would be since I did not earn commissions in September since I was not working.

To add to this, the financing for the rental property I was buying fell through at the last minute because of my job loss. Now, I must figure out a Plan B for buying this house. I am absolutely committed to buying it - I have a 7 year signed lease already and my best friend will be the tenant.

Surprisingly, I'm more sanguine than one would think. All my bills are current and I have several mystery shopping checks coming in this month.

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