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Monday, December 21

Conquering Clutter: Roundup 3 (5 items)

As I mentioned before, I am eliminating 100 possessions in December. For the first installment, I found 12 items worthy of removal. Then I found 7 more for round 2. For the latest roundup, I present to you 5 new items:

Trash: old, well-used t-shirt rags, mop.

Donating: 3 stainless steel coffee mugs, pants

Selling (possibly): a stack of Berkshire Hathaway annual reports along with photos I took of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates playing bridge.

Since I can read the annual reports online I don't see the need to continue collecting these (even though I treasure their content). I'll see if anyone bites on an ebay auction before tossing them out. I now have 76 items left to dispose of before the end of this month! Need to work harder if I'm going to make it.

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