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Sunday, December 6

December Goals

During November I did okay with my goals. The accountability that comes with publishing my goals definitely helped me do better than I would have otherwise.

December Goals:
  • Last month I earned $940 in mystery shopping income. I have started a new job and will have to cut back. I will earn $400 in mystery shopping income.
  • Last month I spent $184 on food. I will spend less than $200 on food this month. I wish I could say I would bring my lunch to my new job every day, but most likely I will go out some. I have to get out of the office to maintain my sanity and eating out helps keep my sanity, as long as my spending is reasonable.
  • Last month I spent $79 on fuel. In December I will spend $200 on fuel. I now have a daily commute of 90 miles, and I won't be mystery shopping as many gas stations this month.
  • My #1 financial priority moving forward will be paying down my credit cards as quickly as possible, followed by a close #2 priority of selling the Bimmer. In December I will reduce credit card debt by at least $750.
December will be a tough month as I adjust to my new job. I will be driving - a lot. I don't buy too many Christmas gifts but will be spending a little, which will be reflected in my credit card debt reduction goal.

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