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Monday, December 7

My Financial Situation (update for December)

I mentioned last month that my #1 goal is to pay off my debt as fast as possible. I wanted to review the progress I made in November and where I stand today:
  • $37,913 in outstanding credit card bills (a reduction of $750!).
  • I prepaid 2 payments towards the $3,500 personal loan I took out to fund the rental property transaction.
  • $95,738 owed on my house (a principal reduction of $538!).
  • $33,787 owed on a HELOC used to purchase a rental property.
  • $37,853 owed on my car (the bane of my existence).
  • $17,558 owed on student loans.
  • $179,890 owed on 2 other rental properties (a principal reduction of $673!).
  • $38,000 in other obligations related to rental properties.
  • $706 paid in cash for fire dues for four of my rental properties.

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