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Wednesday, December 23

Reviewing My 2009 Goals

Each year I keep a rolling Word document outlining what I hope to accomplish over the next 12 months. I got serious about this starting in 2006 and it's neat to look back and compare the goals I had four with ago with those I have today.

2006 monthly income goal (net): $3,000
2009 monthly income goal (net): $5,000

2006 investment strategy: dump all free cash into P2P loans
one of my 2009 investment strategies: slowly exit portfolio of loans

My performance on Prosper was poor. Lesson learned: a lot of individuals don't share the values I do about honoring one's obligations. I personally believe those who refuse to pay their debts should be criminally charged.

My income grew handsomely until I lost my job in August.

I achieved several of my other goals: 1) buy 2-3 rental properties (I bought 3); 2) pay off Rental Property #1 (I did); accomplish my 2009 net worth goal.

I failed at two of my biggest goals: 1) weigh 165 pounds by yearend (haven't lost a pound) and 2) earn $125,000 gross income (was on track until August).

I'm taking a few days off from the blog but will be back next week to post my 2010 goals. In addition to the traditional family things for Christmas I am trying to put together a mystery shopping road trip or two. There's not a lot out there but hopefully I'll round up a little work.

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