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Saturday, December 5

Reviewing My November Goals

Tomorrow I will post my December goals. Before I do that I wanted to review how I did in October:

How did I do on my October Goals?
  • reduce credit card debt Yes
  • $750 in earned mystery shopping income SURPASSED!
  • maximum food expenses of $150; maximum fuel expenses of $100 FAILED.
I have a lofty "stretch" goal of reducing credit card debt by $1,500 per month. While I didn't reach it, I did manage to cut credit card debt by $775.

Because I canceled my San Francisco trip I managed to earn $940 from mystery shopping, but it was slightly less than my stretch goal of $1,000. I also earned $287 in reimbursements.

I did achieve my fuel goal by only spending $79 (thanks to a lot of mystery shopping at gas stations) but I exceeded my food budget just a bit. I spent $34 more for food than I had budgeted.

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