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Tuesday, December 1

Starting My New Job Today

I'm really excited that I'm rejoining the workforce today. Since I've got a lot going on, things may be quiet on the blog for a few days until I settle into my new routine.

Keep posted... I'll be updating my journey to Conquer Clutter, as well as my financial results, later this week.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on the new job! FYI, I don't think you ever posted your real first name? We'd all like to know. That decluttering thing... glad its you and not me.

  2. Hey's Jon. Strangely I enjoy conquering clutter...go figure.

  3. I´d also like to wish you good luck for your new job!
    Last April, I went back to the workforce after a longer "transitional period" than yours and I felt like gaining back some ground under my feet.
    I´ve been trying to conquer clutter for over a year now but, so far, clutter is still winning me. I´ve been focusing one room at the time but I think 100 items idea is very cool. Maybe I´ll join you on this one.
    Nice to know your name. Mizé is my long time nickname but all my fellow bloggers know I´m Maria.
    See you soon, Mizé.

  4. Thanks, Mizé (Maria). Let me know if you manage to conquer some clutter.

    I have mixed feelings about the job. I usually try to be an optimist but I really am not sure this is the right place for me. I'm not giving up yet, but we shall see. I was at my last job well over 6 years so I'm not the type to job hop.