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Saturday, February 6

February Goals

During January I achieved all four of my monthly goals. I expect February to be a solid month, except that I may be unemployed once again by the end of the month.

February Goals:
  • Last month I earned $926 in mystery shopping income. Since I won't be shopping as many gas stations due to rotation requirements, my income will be less in February. I will earn $500 in mystery shopping income.
  • Last month I spent $141 on food. I will spend less than $140 on food this month.
  • Last month I spent $47 on fuel (thanks to mystery shopping). In February I will spend $175 on fuel. I have a daily commute of 90 miles which makes fuel one of my larger expenses.
  • My #1 financial priority is paying down my credit cards. By the end of February I will reduce credit card debt to below $36,000.
  • I will pay off my Prosper loan in February.

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