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Sunday, February 28

Hello, Freedom

Back in August when I unexpectedly lost my job of 6+ years, there were days when the future was bleak. This time, all I see are sunny skies.

Of course I would be better off financially if I was still earning a paycheck. I went out with the CFO of my former employer a couple weeks ago and he made a good point: losing my job might be a good thing because it frees me up to do what I've always dreamed of doing, which is to start my own business.

I've dabbled in self-employment since I was eight years old and operated a candy store out of my bedroom closet. I like knowing my fate is entirely in my hands.

So... my plan is to get serious about deciding whether to move to Tampa. My partner and I have had preliminary discussions about starting a high-end landscaping business. Now is the time to decide whether we plow ahead or find an alternative.

Financially speaking, I will be fine. I'm earning enough from mystery shopping to cover my mortgage and then some. The rental houses are throwing off a decent amount of cash as well. I've made a nice dent in my credit card debt since the start of the year. All in all, things are okay.

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