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Friday, October 8

Reviewing My September Goals

I mostly moved sideways in September. I guess that's better than falling behind.

September Goals:
  • I earned $1,864 from mystery shopping (my goal was $2,000)
  • My credit card/car loan balance decreased, to $39,999 (my goal was $40,000)
  • I created my 2011 Capital Expense budget.
I achieved two of my three goals. Once again I had a slow month for mystery shopping. I tried to get to $2,000 (my goal) but even that is less than I made earlier this year. This really is hard work. It isn't challenging work (which would be nice every now and then), but it takes a lot of effort for little pay. What makes it so hard isn't the actual shopping but instead it's the hunt for work, training for each job and the paperwork involved in submitting my reports.


  1. Why don't you just go back to a 9 to 5 job? Or focus on making money online,you have an intresting blog.This mystrey shopping sounds awful,you've convinced me to never try it.

  2. Tom,
    Maybe I should clarify by saying 85% of the work is mundane. For example, this week is a dream come true - 4 hotels and 6 easy restaurant assignments. But I do miss my sales job where I really had to use my brain. The average deal was a six-figure multi-year contract, and the average sale took between 9-18 months to complete. Most mystery shops take something like 20 minutes of training, 10-20 minutes of shopping, 10-30 minutes reporting plus travel time... these are the shops that can burn you out.

    I do have another venture I am working on. I tend to keep mum until there is something to announce, but stay tuned... this could be a big announcement if everything works out.