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Friday, October 22

Cutting the Electric Bill - October Bill

Back in June I set a goal to reduce my electricity usage 20% over the next 6 months.

In October 2009 I used 264 kWh of electricity. In October of this year, I only used 203 kWh. I reduced consumption by 61 kWh, a 23% reduction! Finally a month where I reached my goal. However, just as I blamed a hotter summer on higher bills over the last few months, I know the mild weather is the reason my bill was so low this month: I've neither used the air nor the heat.

One frugal measure: I unplugged the refrigerator while I was in Miami last week. We intentionally used up almost all our food before we left. Our neighbor stored the few things we had in her refrigerator.

My total bill for October was $36.19!

November will be a tougher month to beat. Last year I used 189 kWh over 28 days, or 6.75 kWh per day. I used 7.25 kWh in October this year, so I need to find other ways to cut electricity since the A/C was completely off and even the fridge was off for several days. What else can I cut? This will be difficult!

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