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Monday, October 18

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

October 10th - October 16th...

I had a great time shopping south Florida last week. I didn't earn as much in fees but did not expect to. I earned $216 in fees and $1,203 in reimbursements. I shopped four hotels, seven restaurants and a grocery store. I merchandised one retailer and did a "blind check" of my local drive-in. The blind check is where you anonymously count customers so that the actual count can be compared to the reported count. This keeps the theater companies honest. The trip to the Miami area was wonderful and I am itching to put together another trip.

Another benefit from last week worth mentioning is that I earned enough Hilton Honors points for two free room nights at a Level 1 Hampton Inn. Combine those points with what I already have and I can smell a vacation in 2011 to somewhere tropical.

This week I have a handful of shops scheduled until Saturday when I have several gas station audits beginning.

I just found out one company that shops quite a few hotels - and pays a fee- has a new President who is determined to turn the company around. Previously I was concerned the company would go out of business (their Payables exceeded 270 days according to some shoppers). I might take a chance on them now. It's possible the new President also injected some cash into the business, or maybe they had cash all along and it was just a poorly managed company - who knows.

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