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Tuesday, October 12

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

October 3rd - October 9th...

Last week was another slow one. I earned $375 in fees and $292 in reimbursements. Fortunately the work was not very hard. I shopped 8 gas stations which prevented me from having to buy any gas. I also picked up some new jobs that turned out to be fairly straightforward. I did a simple evaluation of a TV at two electronics stores. Each paid $12 and took about 15 minutes to shop and 5 minutes to report - NO NARRATIVE! I also shopped two mattress stores, a bus terminal, several tellers at two banks, got an oil change, ate at several restaurants and bought my mom a new purse for Christmas - at no cost to me.

The reimbursements last week were especially nice, and most of the work was simple - my kind of shop.

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