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Thursday, October 28

Crazy Week

This has been a busy week in a busy month. I like busy. First off, mystery shopping has picked back up a little and I've had a few 14+ hour days. I am really happy to see the pace back to where it was earlier in the summer. It should continue through mid-November as I have already signed up for more than 70 shops and merchandising jobs over the next 2-3 weeks.

If that wasn't enough, I expect to have a major announcement soon. One of my lifelong dreams has been to operate my own business. While mystery shopping does put me in charge, it's not quite what I mean when I say I want to run my own business. It looks like I have found an investor and business partner to execute on an idea I've had for several years. More on this soon.

Nothing takes the place of persistence.


  1. Can't wait to hear more about your business adventure! How about a hint or better yet an offering?

  2. Great news - congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about it :)

  3. Marilyn, I'm So Pretty - I really appreciate your encouragement. This has been a lifelong dream. I know I am a hard worker and that if I fail at this, it won't be because I didn't give it my all!