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Thursday, May 3

My Frugal Miser - April Income: $6,781

April was somewhat challenging, but mostly due to a one time expense I'll talk about tomorrow.  I earned more than I spent but was cash flow negative since I don't include principal payments in my expenses.  Tomorrow I will take a look at my spending, so today let's took a look at where the money came from.

April Income
$1,255 Mystery Shopping
$5,162 Rental Income
$365 Other Sources
$6,781 Total Income for April

  • I ran short of my mystery shopping goal of $1,500 in income.  I probably earned that much but because of some higher expenses that offset it, the amount I am reporting is less.
  • Rental income was lower than normal because one tenant prepaid his April rent.  He says he is going to prepay his June rent with his May check so hopefully that will offset the rent I won't receive on the vacant townhouse.  Cash is super tight this month.
  • Other Sources includes my 2011 federal tax refund, offset by a loan I made that should be repaid this month.


  1. So I found your blog about 4 days ago. Today I did my first mystery shop. A cell phone shop. Not a big payday, but very good experience. Figuring in all the time spent on the first one and I probably made $3 an hour (4 hours). But, I know I can do the next one in under an hour, not counting travel.

    Ihow many hours do you think you spend in a typical month on shopping?

    1. Pat,
      Congrats on completing your first shop. I've done a few cell phone shops. They aren't my favorite but to each his own. Speaking in quantity (not $$$), I do probably 60% gas stations, 20% restaurants and 20% other. The "other" includes the lucrative ($150 to attend a funeral visitation) to the exotic (time shares, resort hotels, luxury vehicle test drives, etc).

      It won't take long for you to figure out whether you enjoy mystery shopping and then to figure out what type of shops you enjoy doing.

      Keep me posted!