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Thursday, May 31

Mystery Shopping Orlando

We arrived in Orlando on Tuesday.  My first shop worked out perfect - the hotel was at the airport.  Imagine that:  the convenience of not having to even leave the airport combined with the benefits of a paid overnight stay at a nice hotel.

Yesterday after checking out we did the first of several alcohol compliance restaurant shops I was assigned.  These were last minute additions to our plans.  The shops are quite easy:  we enter a casual dining restaurant and either sit at the bar or in the dining room.  We order alcohol along with whatever food we want to see if we are carded.  For that, I am reimbursed for $35 of food along with a fee for performing the shop.  The report takes ten minutes or less.  Even better, the time range is 12 PM - 11 PM, so I'm not locked into a specific meal and can choose any day between now and the deadline.  These shops just about cover the unreimbursed meals that were left in my schedule.

This morning we check out of our second hotel and head to Clearwater for a day.  I was able to finalize my new business checking account for the LLC that will be used to purchase my next properties.  My plans today are to find an agent and establish my buying criteria.  I'm only in Clearwater one night but will be returning in a few days to continue this process and hopefully look at some properties.

Besides airfare, my total out of pocket expense thus far has been $0.


  1. Hey if you need a referral for a CRS agent down in Orlando, let me know. CRS agents are the best.

    I accepted a shop for a pizza delivery, but it needs to be done today. I don't live in the delivery zone, so I'm ordering the pizza to be delivered to a rental property. I'll come away with a free large pizza and about $7 to spare. Not bad for a half hours work at most.

    We just got a check for $167 from google for 3 months worth of ads on our website.

  2. That is amazing that you could get all of that done and not spend a dime other than airfare. You must be a pro at mystery shopping. Anyway thanks for the article it was great!

    Mystery Shopping

    1. Glad you liked the article. This was an especially successful trip. It's motivated me to start looking at more travel opportunities.