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Monday, February 15

My Frugal Miser Files His 2009 Taxes

I wrapped up my 2009 taxes last week. I've been using TurboTax for the last few years and find it's much easier to keep using it year after year since it has an easy year over year comparison tool which I use to spot variances, which could mean I've made a mistake.

I spent about 75 hours this year and just my federal return was 80 pages long. I assume my taxes are somewhat more complicated than average because of my rental properties and mystery shopping.

I am getting a federal refund of just over $6,000. This is great, even though it represents an interest-free loan to Uncle Sam. My tax liability this year and for the foreseeable future will be negligible since I'm not longer at my cush job.

Unfortunately, the day after I filed I received a 1099 that I hadn't even thought about. Now I will have to file an amended return. I wonder if I will still get my refund or if this oversight will cause a delay.

80 pages. That's just crazy! I refuse to pay someone to prepare my taxes. I'm definitely in favor of simplification of our tax code.

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