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Current Goal: Eliminate Mortgage on Rental Property

January 1, 2019: $59,592
March 20, 2020: $52,982
2/14/20 paid $750 towards principal
3/20/20 paid $1000 towards principal
4/17/20 paid $1000 towards principal
5/5/20 paid $2000 towards principal

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Monday, February 1

A Month in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

I exceeded my January goal of earning $600 in mystery shopping income. In fact, I earned $925.71 in fees and $530.46 in reimbursements last month. This is on top of income from my full-time job, so I'm really happy with this.

More than 1/3 of my income was from gas stations this month. I shopped over 50 gas stations in January. Unfortunately, this means February will be much lighter because the company I do these for shops in 2 month rotations (in other words, I basically do these particular stations every other month). The second largest contributor came from merchandising. The balance came from restaurants, office supply stores and a few other oddball shops.

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  1. I am impressed that you have kept up this pace given that you have gone back to work. I owe you some thanks. After reading about your experiences, I decided to sign up to be a mystery shopper, too. My first gig is in a few weeks.